I want to experience a bit of all amazing things in life ;) My list is long and is getting longer day by day but I'm catching up slowly & steadily :) Love my creator for this amazing life & all that He has to offer!


A book cover

We should never take it for granted that if a book cover is dirty then it means someone has read the book. Open the book and look at the pages to see if someone has really ready the book.

The state of book cover cannot tell if someone has read the book.


I just believe

I believe because my parents believe, my friends believe and of course thousands are believing for centuries. So, I will not ask or question or doubt what I believe like everyone else.


Ganga belongs to India

Firstly, Ganga is an Indian river and it’s our responsibility to keep it clean or to clean it. Then comes whatever religion that wants to own it. We have to clean Ganga because it’s ours and not because it belongs to a specific group of religious people. Indian natural wealth cannot be used for political or religious advantage. The history is — Ganga is a river that belongs to Indians.


World of loneliness

The thought of just being alone to — enjoy life, to be happy, to feel on the top of the world, to feel free, to experience freedom and to do everything on one’s own term is easily the best example of a self refuting thought. You might get used to living all alone and might never appreciate and enjoying living together. It can one day lead to depression and you might die thinking that you are all alone. So, becareful when a thought attracts you towards the destructive life of loneliness.


Amidst a billion things

One amazing thing, amidst a billion things, I love about my mother is — she will ask me if I want — Tea! 🙂

Love you mother!


Super Uncle Hero

Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Hulk, Iron man and every other superhero was not the first in my life. The first super hero or say super hero uncle was Chacha Chaudhary. For me, he is more than Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. Chacha Chaudhary and his assistant Sabu, a giant man, were my superheroes from India who always helped people from all kinds of difficulties, injustice and crime.

I would like to thank my friend Shibu Varkey, my childhood friend and classmate, for introducing me to Chacha Chaudhary comics in school days. We read hundreds of comic books which took us through Chacha Chaudhary and Sabu’s adventures with a pinch of humour. I still remember those times back in school when we used to read comics whenever we used to find time.

Unfortunately, the creator of Chacha Chaudhary, Pran Kumar Sharma is no more. His soul rest in peace. Pran Kumar Sharma, the cartoonist, has left a legacy of everlasting memories in Indian hearts that will be cherished for generations to come.

Thank you Pran Kumar Sharma sir for Chacha Chaudhary.

Please read this article — A tribute to Pran Kumar Sharma, the man who created Chacha Chaudhary




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